Robot Heart Party: Into The Wormhole, May 2013

Robot Heart Party: Into The Wormhole, May 2013

We Give Good Light...

DNA Lighting & Sound is a Company founded upon the philosophy that the key to any successful project lies within the perfection of ambiance created by artfully placed and programmed lights.

Dougie Lazer; founder and CEO has spent the past 20 years honing this craft in order to immediately recognize and thus design a lighting schematic that ranges from creating illusory movement and exhilarating climaxes achieved through music and light integration in nightclubs, to meticulous corporate light installations which achieve vibrancy and excitement excitement to designing signage lighting which lures the passerby's eyes to a particular ad.

Ultimately this company not only provides the renaissance skills necessary to assist in any project but the artistry regarding this craft to bring any mundane project to the next level.

As a leading provider of lighting equipment, design placement, programming and jockey services, we take pride in offering the best and broadest spectrum of all things ambiance related. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day. We bring a sharp and well honed eye as well as a wealth of information and experience to each unique project. Dougie Lazer has been honored with the Clio award for excellence and ingenuity in his field. His work can be seen in nightclubs globally as well as in high end stores and billboards throughout Manhattan.


...It's in our DNA.